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a fuckin awesome little piece of skin and nerve endings which, apparently when licked , will make a chick love you for ever (or at least say that)
clit, cliturus, clitiris, clitorus, etc...
by Big Bear Stalker August 28, 2003
A monster in hiding that lives in the snow and will suck you under with their tentacle and break your leg. Could also be a rat trap... nobody knows!!!
by Big Bear Stalker September 28, 2003
Here is the story of the Chapor:
Once upon a time in a land named Edmonton, there was a school named St. Rose. In that school there were three main characters, Fungus, Stoner, and The Beast (aka Chapor). Fungus and Stoner despised the Beast, and tried repeatedly to kill it, but to no avail. One day they spotted a creature similar to the Beast (Ashley West)that had taken a liking towards the Chapor, and tried to kill it as well. Alas, it was impossible. The creatures were far too fat to harm. So Fungus and Stoner hatched an ingenious plot. They would lure the Beasts out of their lair (where many lesbianic and bestial acts occurred) and into the streets with a freshly killed pig. That way they could chase them into the sewers and they would never be seen from again. On the night of the big plan, our two heroes laid the pig onto the sidewalk near the sewer vent. As soon as they had done this, the two Beasts came barreling out of the School and started feasting on the pig. Fungus, Stoner, and the rest of the St. Rose denizens came running towards the Beasts with spears and torches. The Beasts grabbed the pig and high tailed it into the sewers, and the angry denizens quickly shut the lid. To this day, many sewer cleaners and small children have gone missing when playing near the sewers. There have also been reports of wild animals such as rats having strange, Chapor-like litters. It is a true story, just like Santa and the tooth faery and the story of Ed, The Mighty Beanstalk, and the Big Bad Vlad.
by Big Bear Stalker August 29, 2003
Used when a group of people are sneaking around outside in the dark, for example trying to steal something from someone's back yard or throw rocks at cars, and someone spots a person coming who is not of their group; they either yell FENCELIGHTS loudly as a warning and everybody runs like hell, or they can secretly whisper it or transmit it over 2 way radio so everyone can clear the area stealthily. Similar to the common "five-0" but is used to indicate someone who doesnt know what theyre looking for, such as an innocent passer-by. Used among people formerly and still of several Edmonton (Canada) area high schools.
Etymology- When us friends were going through some guys shed, when a car came we were in plain view and the only warning of this was car headlights shining off the fence; and from then on there and everywhere else it came to be known as Fencelights.
Fencelights!!!! Everybody get the fuck out!! (everyone runs to a safe spot)
by Big Bear Stalker June 17, 2004
Wing nut (a screw on little bolt thing with easy-grip wings), and at one time believed to be a monster in hiding.
Daddy can i buy a duffet?
by Big Bear Stalker September 01, 2003
Once believed to be a monster in hiding, but eventually turned out to be a practice golf ball. It was believed back in '92 that they lived in your lawn and would snip at your toes using long snouts with teeth on the end
OUCH motherfucka i just got bit by a hurting ball-- um.. i mean a practice golf ball lol!?
by Big Bear Stalker September 28, 2003
bibbity bobbity boo,
flibbity flabbity floo,
flippity floppity flap,
wippity wappity wap.
gububa bib flib flip wip.
by Big Bear Stalker March 15, 2004

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