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The Gareth Bridges are a series of bridges built in the South of Australia, used in a blessing ceremony for young lovers. It is customary to carry asian mail order brides to their awaiting husbands across the Gareth Bridges as they are situated adjacent to the airport. It is said that Kylie Minogue once walked over the Gareth Bridges before meeting Jason Donovan. The Gareth Bridges were closed in 2007 because of the dynamic loading of the 6th bridge caused a minor collapse. Some have called for an age limit, as encounters on the Gareth Bridges can be dangerous and scary.
Antoni: I just bought a new wife for $300
Colin: I'd take her across the Gareth Bridges, that'll tell you if she is quality.
by Big Bear & Papa Smurf September 29, 2009
Whilst a man is recieving a BJ, he crosses his legs behind his partners head, forcing her to take all his manhood and locking her head in position. Once the legs are locked he then proceeds into a 'death-roll', rolling from side to side until he finishes.

For the females part, she is to try and say "Crikey, He's cumming right for us" in an Austrlian Accent, whilst gagging on his manhood
Alex: last night a gave Kris a Crocodile Blow-Job!
Charles: But did she say "Crikey!"
Alex: i'm not sure with all the gagging!
Charles: Steve Irwin would be proud!
by Big Bear & Papa Smurf September 29, 2009

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