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1 definition by Big Ballss

Liquor previously drank by soldiers in the battle on petrograd, where cpt. cossacks men came out victorious. Today cossack is very popular within the cities of Boston and Quincy MA, where kids like to drink this substance in hope to become completly annilated. This alcohol is mostly used when in depression and more aften than not if using this substance most do not remember the previuos night. Cossack is not reccomended and could may cause death. Cossack is also a form of seduction that men use on women
Kyle's father killed his mother then proceded to rape all of his kids before killing himself, kyle in last resort when to see his girlfried for help when he walked in on him having intercourse with his best friend Johnny, Kyle then proceeded to drink a 5th of cossack vodka and all was forgotten.
by Big Ballss October 09, 2007