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6 definitions by Big Balla

the smell of booty, dick , and pussy
have there been hoes up in here 'cause it smells like bodussy
by big balla November 06, 2002
114 14
From James bond, when you put on the cheats, also known as "the cheats", when a person has a big ass head.
Damn that bitch has DK mode

Dude that girl has the cheats on
by big balla November 07, 2002
97 13
a big ass
that girl has dumps
by big balla November 07, 2002
79 45
A painful shit that is caused by eating fast food, lapping up hot sauce, drinking lots of tequila, etc. During and after the event your asshole burns due to the damage caused to your intestinal track.
The first thing I did when I woke up on Sunday afternoon was sit on the john and let loose a loud, liquid torcher.
by Big Balla July 26, 2005
53 30
dirty ass pussy
i put it in her bonch
by big balla November 07, 2002
3 22
being a bigger pimp than everybody else
thas a ballin' ass nigga
by big balla May 20, 2003
20 58