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the wonderful day where me and my friends go throw candy hearts at all the couples around town and avoid being arrested.
oh shit a cop.
by big baby jesus February 23, 2004
bestest rapper in the goddamned universe.
Bib baby jesus postulates, "if a pussy could talk, what would you ask it?"
by Big Baby Jesus April 28, 2005
when you get your hopes up for somethin. not necessarily sex.
we're not goin to the club? damn, and you had my dick all hard and shit...
by big baby jesus February 23, 2004
Abbreviation for the word "decent". Used to describe a particular feeling, situation or object.
That chick is dec.
by Big Baby Jesus September 17, 2003
The organ that Jesus used to fuck all those bitches. That's why there are so many Christians in the world.
Jesus wipped out Jesus's fuck thang so much, even the son of god got chaffed.
by Big Baby Jesus October 01, 2004
Small coagulations of blood from menstrual cycle that are stuck to an organ or organ-like material when returning from a penetrating thrust into the vagina.
Hey, I eat vaginalbloodboogers, it's no big deal.
by Big Baby Jesus April 27, 2003
it isnt for sure, my nigger, you fucking dumbass honkeys, its for sure, my nigga
now you know why we get mad when you white folks try to talk like us
by Big Baby Jesus January 06, 2005

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