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1. A chick so hot she makes superman or you weak in the noggin

2. Something so cool or good that it makes you weak in the noggin (can't think so straight)
i was at this strip club this weekend and there was this babe who without a doubt was kryptonic...too bad she was dumb as a box o rocks
by Big BNP January 29, 2004
when your magic stick is at max travel in your partners anatomy
i usually prefer to be balls-deep bout three times a day....only a sufer knows the feeling
by Big BNP January 29, 2004
to take a sample of a hotties milkshake or to put your big straw in her milkshake
shortly after i spit mad game i was sampoing her milkshake in the janitors closet
by Big BNP January 29, 2004
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