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A blue boy is a cops or any other law inforcement officers.
Man Dave Tezzy that party was bagging for show, until them blue boys showed up.
by Big Bing October 26, 2005
When one is tired of his old lady and he goes out looking for a chicken head or a hooker.
Man im tired of my down home chick E Wood, lets go skank hunting for a quick bj.
by Big BING October 23, 2005
When you run around doing stupid acts, causing trouble or vandalizing objects.
I dont want to hang with you james, you always be acting the ass Man.
by Big Bing October 23, 2005
When you open up your cell phone contact list, which is full of girls and you just pick one to chill with for the night.
Hey Mulldozer what you up to tonight. Man nothing I was just about to go phone book pimpin for that girl a Long.
by Big BING October 23, 2005
Baby sitters are a reference to your rims tires. They watch over your rims (your kids) just like a babysitter would watch your child.
MAN that fool John Brown sittin on 24 inch baby sitters.
by Big BING October 23, 2005
Orange juice and vodka with ice.
Yo dave T hit a boy up with another OJ on ice.
by Big BING October 23, 2005

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