26 definitions by Big B

n. 1) death; 2) the state of being dead; v. to die
"If you slip that'll git you sleep!"

"You move in on Ice and you're goin' to sleep!"

by Big B March 10, 2003
a prostitute that moves from corner to corner to avoid getting arrested.
Yo, the town slink is on Bush Ave. tonight.
by Big B March 08, 2004
A club of men, for men, and by men. The man club discusses important topics like boobs and banging girls. Some important values of the man club are not getting even nearly whipped.
The man club was founded by Nick, Andrew Marc, and Blake
by Big B December 07, 2004
Another name for something that is a faggot, or fag
A fag walks up to you and says,"What up?"
You say....Sizz kid
by Big B December 10, 2003
fuck off in italian
vaffanculo puta!!!!
by Big B May 27, 2003

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