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Unix engineer / foosball player usually seen wearing an open hawaiin shirt and talking in a dialect that cannot be understood.

Disco Raj can also be spotting singing disco tunes after having had one too many Margaritas at lunchtime.
Hey Super D - how any time did school Disco Raj on the foosball table today.
by Big B May 16, 2003
One who dances in the woods. Wolves optional.
Ive never met a wood dancer before
by Big B January 21, 2005
when your toe hangs off your sandal and touches the ground. Or when your foot is wider than the shoe..
That fat bitch has scrape toe.
by Big B April 02, 2004
n. Another term used for saying....SHIT SON, DAMN MAN, WHUT UP, DAMN YO, CRAZY SHIT. From the famous Kiro Kiro
Shit dude...how blazzzed are you..."OHHHHHHHHPPPPSSSS OHHPPS OHPPS"
by Big B December 15, 2003
when your girlfriend/boyfriend makes all your descions for you
Damn Nick is one whipped bitch
by Big B May 03, 2004
when a guy is so whipped he disses his friends
Damn Nick went to the dark side with Kelesy
by Big B May 03, 2004
n. 1) death; 2) the state of being dead; v. to die
"If you slip that'll git you sleep!"

"You move in on Ice and you're goin' to sleep!"

by Big B March 10, 2003
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