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term used to describe the end of the cock.
relates to the similaities between the shape of a muffin and the shape of the bell.
She was eating on my shlong muffin all night
by Big Ant May 18, 2006
when two people sit in a bath, one of the recipients shits onto the surface of the water and using a wave like motions guides the log into the others mouth without the shit sinking. if the shit sinks it must be removed from the bath by drinking all the bathwater over a period of days
lets get in the bath for some tidlewaving
by Big Ant May 17, 2006
a yellow tinged, heavily infected, swollen pit of a fanny. Usally caused by one of many sti's .

oh my fanny is reaking, it must be caused by that gang of tramps i let gang fuck me in that alley the other day.
you fanny is a buttercup swamp
by Big Ant May 18, 2006

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