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24 definitions by Big Nation

I am not ashamed to admit that I am lost without spellchecker.
by Big nation April 07, 2003
a seafood dish, or a cartoon sitcom about a family,
Yeah dawg, Lemme get an order of the fried shimpsis.
Yo Dude! after the Penn State game we gotta watch the Shimpsis
by Big Nation April 04, 2003
When a US soldier looks over a sand dune and sees the ass of Sadam's dead Iraqui scumbag followers sticking out of the sand. Then you put it in a box and send it to France
Also known as the stuffed Sand Ham. Upon Discovery you pack the asshole with C4, give it to one of the Iraqui villagers, then tell them to drop it off at Sadams house in Baghdad, or send it to France
by Big Nation April 03, 2003
A dude who has been holding on to the same beer for so long, his knuckles are turning purple
Damn, Green Mike has been on that same beer for so long now, he gots a case of the Purple Knuckle
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
When you take such a shit, it makes you feel like both of your eyes are on one side of your head
Damn. Taht shit I just bushed out was so big. I was makin a face as to where I be felt like both of my eye balls were on one side of my head.
by Big Nation March 31, 2003
When your old lady lets you bang her in the ass, then she sucks your dirty junk tiill there is no soup left on it. AKA Cleaning the stew pipe
Dude! My girl washed it good for me last night. I bet she can really WAWSH IT GEWD
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
How to describe the way you feel after drinking beer at the Grey Lodge all night.
Dude, what did you do last night? Oh wow man, I went to the lodge and drank alot of really great beers. Oh holy shit, you got Lodge Faced last night, and you didn't call me? Well, you were hanging out with your old lady and I know she dont like it there because she's a tool and only wants to go to the Continental and drink martini's with McShane and other close minded people who only wear black and grey and talk about nothing of interest, like reality TV.
by Big Nation April 04, 2003