24 definitions by Big Nation

When you blow your man glue all over some broads ass, chest, or face
After my old lady wawshed it gewd, I elmered all over her chest and face
by Big Nation March 28, 2003
When you just dont wipe your ass good enough. Possibly due to running out of Toylet paper. When you blast glue all over your girls asshole, then make her leave before she takes a shower.
by Big Nation April 15, 2003
When you blast a bead of Elmer all over your girls hair just before you go out. She thinks she rinsed it all out of her hair, but you notice at the dinner table that she left some, and it is drying up, flaking off and landing on her blouse & Lobster Bisque.
I like to drink beer, and bang broads. Life in the fast lane baby.
by Big Nation April 11, 2003
A person who gets soup ass from sitting on a lounge chair for to long, when he gets up his ass looks like a waffle with soup all up on it cause it seeped through his boxers
You better check your ass cause it looks to me like you got the soup waffle
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
A person who mumbles while talking shit
You like mumble mumble my new mumble mumble truck mumble mumble.
by Big Nation February 23, 2004
What I call my dick because it likes to hide in caves and blow itself up from time to time
The old lady Wawshed my Talliban really Gewd last night
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
When you are wearing sandals, you take a piss, then shake off all over your toes, or the toes of someone else wearing sandals.
Ah shit!! I just gave myself atoe wash
by Big Nation March 27, 2003

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