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The act of floking refers to the trading of a can of coke and a flake in return for manual stimulation and is in essence "light prostitution".

The most common form of floking is the trade of a 330ml can of coke and a 38g cadburys flake in exchange for a handjob.
I can't believe I got a sweet handjob just for some sweets!

Yeah floking is fucking awesome!

Underage Floking Rules!
by Big Guns Dave Jones January 28, 2009
A Vagina.

The flesh vice is the female internal sex organ that begins on the outside at the vice opening and extends about three to five inches inside, ending at the cervix/neck of the uterus.
Dude! I need to get me some tight flesh vice!

Dammn S***n B****tt loves fresh flesh vice!
by Big Guns Dave Jones January 28, 2009
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