18 definitions by Big G

Slang for head;hair.
That stuff just got all over my worm!

Damn! My worm is all messed up from last night.

I need a brush to brush my worm.

The wind is blowing my worm around.

My worm is going bald..
by Big G February 02, 2004
A group of elite eternal beings.
Ralph and Phlar inspire the Lummox to cause havok.
by Big G December 19, 2003
Slang for earlobes
Stop rubbing your dice on me.

Your dice tickles.

Want to massage my dice?

There's hair on your dice.
by Big G February 02, 2004
Slang for fire
Stop sticking your hands over the jugs.

Don't touch my jugs!

Everyone needs water,shelter,food,and jugs to live.

My jugs hurt.

Stop putting water on my jugs!
by Big G February 02, 2004

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