18 definitions by Big G

Somebody done a bunch of speed
Look at that bia geeking over there, that hoe been cleaning for hours.
by Big G October 15, 2003
Shagging a girl in the bottom and then allowing a girl below to suck your penis clean (dipping motion)
'KP' Chocolate dips
by Big G June 01, 2004
Suffix to any swear to make it twice as bad due to making it a personality trait...
"For fucks sake Reynolds you spilt the beer"........"Yeah you twatbox/cuntbox/fuckbox/shitbox"
by BiG G May 23, 2004
When a person that is supposed to be amdd tight wit u like a close friend or girlfriend that u been goin out wit for a long time :1)leave u somewhere and leave and chill wit other ppl:2) get mad at u even tho theyre rong
Yo he sold me out to go chill owt those herbs.
by BiG G April 12, 2003
one who is pretty chubby but not really fat
Hey chubbs, stop eating, start running, and don't stop, especially for food
by Big G March 03, 2003
A girl who gets fucked by every tom dick and Harry in every single hole a proper shitcunt!!
cor that maria has been getting it off everyone even my bird thinks shes a shitcunt
by Big G February 16, 2004
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