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Used to describe a person that is either acting like:

A) A huge pussy
B) An annoying dick
C) A bitch
D) A combination of the two.

Can be pronounced -ass instead of azz.

Unfunny when said incorrectly
By not smoking the ganja, Steve Bowers is acting like a pussyazz bitch
by Big D March 09, 2003
softer version of what the fuck/fock
Danny: I ate your dog.
Carl: what the flock.
Danny: j/k.
Carl: -___-*.
by Big D April 01, 2005
Means to kill somebody, leave em dead, you know how them flies be all over the body, cuz they stankin
"What you want me to do?" " Jus leavem stankin man, forget em"
by Big D November 13, 2003
when someone says something stupid, and when you don't have a wtf flag handy, you can ask someone to give one to you. Then proceed as follows:

*waves wtf flag*
phool: Yo dudes; insert stupid thing rulez!
dude: Flag. NOW!
dude02: here you go *hands dude a wtf flag*
dude: *waves wtf flag
by Big D March 20, 2005
a shout of crunkness or a greeting
hurn hurn hurn hurn hurn
by big D April 06, 2004
to ejaculate
Dude, she let me nerp on her boobs!
by Big D February 20, 2004
it happens when you did not use your "tool" for a long time.
omg what shiatload of man-milk
by Big D March 17, 2005

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