26 definitions by Big B

Your ass hole.
by Big B July 01, 2003
also known as paniagua... meaning- an instant cum. when a woman looks at an attractive man and just gets wet by sight. hence... pantie water..

also.. a man or something you find attractive can be called pantie water.
Damn ma, tha guy over there looks mad good.. i just got pantie water..

He is pantie water!
by Big B April 02, 2004
term like penis wrinkle... an insult
you are a big vagina flap
by Big B April 02, 2004
small boobs, but firm enough for squeezing
yeh whatever you say that chick had tittens but i could still squeeze em
by Big B August 19, 2003
n. Another term used for a large stack of bills or bud.
Shit thats a PHHHATTTTT stack
by Big B December 10, 2003
1. Anickname for Gillian Dolen
2. An extremly hot girl at my school, w/big tits that are perfect
Dolen dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl for halloween
by Big B October 31, 2004
An elite, in everything(gaming,sports anything else that has to competing, ect. ect.) . Translated to "gangster".
Hey look, brandon is a gundal.
by Big B June 22, 2003

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