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the word in boston for fire, but this fire means good.
Yo that new dipsets fiah.

Yeah Jim Jones in niice.
by Biff Leary March 19, 2007
dorchester slang for yeah, it also can mean fiah, word and propa. Many people used worbs, now it is slowly fading out. It is generaly a response to a question, mostly used as the answer to yes or no questions.
Yo Nick u smokin that blizz?

Yo what the fuck is that kid thinkin. Biff wanna stomp him?
by Biff Leary March 18, 2007
a phrase meaning get it done. Often describing somethig that was done. Often heard on the streets of dorchester.

Mikes a fag, lets jump him

Yeah lets do it up sum nice

by Biff Leary March 19, 2007
a word meaning straight, also invented by the coolest kid alive, to put extra emphasis on it use soooo before it.
Also used to describe something nice.
Nick you guys win?


by Biff Leary March 19, 2007
The coolest catch phrase ever invented, meaning word, worbs, strops. It originated in the streets of dorchester mass. Use Word is so bomb for emphasis, use on that to mean word is bomb on a certain object.
Guy we kicked his ass Biff!

Word is Bomb on that.
by Biff Leary March 19, 2007
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