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It means cool. Look up jive turkey for a more descriptive def.
Yo nigga thats one cool cat.
by biff August 13, 2003
cheese puffs, cheesy poofs
If you didn't like ghetto shrimp you'd be lame!
by Biff July 08, 2004
Luda's Present Cd
My diamonds is reckless i feel like im carying a midget on my necklace!
by Biff December 20, 2003
A word of great excitement or joy.
I just won the lotto! Balamokeu!!!
by Biff September 24, 2004
1. The best, highest, or coolest; see biffdiff. 2. Used to convey a compliment of the highest order.
I woke up this morning, and I found a million dollars! Then I was given a life-time supply of beef ramen! This is the biffest day ever!
by Biff December 21, 2004
Having a stub for yuor genitalia.
Yo Dis foo right hurr has a cockstub.
by Biff December 20, 2003
a sideorder
i always sideorder people
by BiFF June 01, 2003
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