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The equivelent of trick photography except using computer software called Photoshop.

The term is usually only spoken by a mac user (definition 4) who thinks that Photoshop is the only image editing software in existance.
That's not real, it's a Photoshop trick
by Bidju Vensetaseshan April 21, 2005
verb. To discharge a full clip of one's fully automatic gun into the sky, to signal victory or to indicate agreeance to people in the vacinity, who also probably possess a fully automatic weapon.
It is acceptable to afghan whilst the funeral procession takes place.
by Bidju Vensetaseshan May 01, 2005
The act of litteraly ripping clothes off one's own body. The clothes are normally very old and no longer wearable in public or in extreme cases even around the home. The garments usually rip off very easily. Most commonly performed by straight, single men, as they are the most inclined to wear old, worn out, filthy clothes. Hulking out of clothes that are too tight is a common ritual for people still growing and/or gaining weight. Closely related to going party boy jackass style.
These shorts hurt my nuts too much, that's it I'm hulking out.
by Bidju Vensetaseshan March 25, 2005

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