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1. The act of pulling ones head out of his/hers ass and getting the shit done.

2. The definition of what it takes for Congress to pass a law.

3. What your ass better be doing when something needs to be done not now but fifteen minutes ago.

4. What it must have taken for Hollywood to approve the sequels to Final Destination since they were absolutely pathetic.
Frank: "Did you get that damn article wrote yet Ben?"
Ben: "Uh, no boss; I forgot."
Frank: "Well your ass better start knocking out some cheetah flips and get it the fuck done."
Ben: "Sure boss. Would you like more biscuits while I'm at it?"
by Bickel101 October 14, 2009
1. The sound it makes when you bust someone in the chops whether they're expecting it or not.

2. The reaction your body makes right before ejaculation.
1. I had to cladow that chachi upside the face for running his yapper.

2. I was pounding ole girl and pulled out real quick so I could cladow on her chest.
by Bickel101 October 08, 2009
1. Is a person that is so ugly that even the word ugly is like, "Eww what the fuck is that?"

2. Best describes someone who is so ugly that it makes your stomach hurt to the point that you want to slap their parents for creating such a foul thing.

3. An alias of Fairuza Balk (chick from The Waterboy movie)
Billy Ray: "Hey Willy, how'd your date go?"
Willy: "Shit. That bitch looked like an Alabama Swamp Cricket so I kicked her out of my pick'em-up truck three minutes after I picked her ass up. After she gave me a pinch of her dip of course..."
Billy Ray: "Ha ha. Git-r-done."
by Bickel101 October 14, 2009

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