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Bibby is THE word for cool. It's sweeping the nation like the atkins diet.
That song was so bibby.
by bibby July 13, 2004
a slang word instead of using nigga yugias is sick
yo wut up yugia?
nuttin just chillin like a yugia
by Bibby January 13, 2004
It as a game played among friends where you lightly tap your friends weiner, and shout: "Weiner Tag". This is imortant that you do it anywhere/everywhere. And shout it loud enough for strangers to hear.
Bibby weiner-tagged me in walmart the other day, and the eldery couple behind us frowned.
by Bibby June 17, 2006
A bit of a weirdo with not many friends. Doesn't get invited to many parties but secretly everyone loves her. Has a great future and can be super funny. Her face is a major down side but everything else is alright. Wouldn't bother making friends with her
by BIBBY August 11, 2014

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