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3 definitions by Bianca & Alice

say: shrim-ay-ee
A very smart person, who has a comback for every argument.
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"wow your combacks are so srimayee"
by Bianca & Alice June 10, 2007
4 2
An extremely annoying type of person. Appraoch with extreme caution.
1 - "Omg your so annoying, just like a Rose!

2 - "Look out! She is being just like a Rose! Run away!"
by Bianca & Alice June 10, 2007
51 183
a particular genre of clothing and accessories
"oh my god, that dress is so georgia"
"oh my god, look, its a whole rack of georgia necklaces! oh my god, dont get any of them, they're all so georgia!"
by Bianca & Alice June 10, 2007
26 348