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an individual who posesses devilish or swine powers. usually includes, but not limited to: squealing loudly, goring, listening to metal (Ie. Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath), and is usually insane.
The devil pigs on 2nd Anderson gored down Linkin Park.
by BiOsLaYeRX April 28, 2003
poser MTV rock. bands that copy Korn (who do it better than all of the anyways.) Linkin park, papa roach, crazy town, etc. are all these bands. usually incorporates hip-hop elements into the music. songs are power chords and have a lead singer trying to look tough by rapping and attemping to do a growl that would make true metalheads laugh.

good choice for 12 year old kids to listen to, but after that you look fool listening to it.
Wow, Ozzfest sucks now becuase of all the nu-metal crap it has.
by BiOsLaYeRX April 28, 2003
"Beaw" is a verb, not a noun you cock mongrel.
Spencer took it up the ass when he dropped his soap in prison.
by bioslayerx May 01, 2003
Any girl that attends the Asheville school.
"So did you get some from that girl last night?" "Nope." "Man that girl is such a cock-tease."
by Bioslayerx April 29, 2003
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