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Small flying creatures that are capable of emitting lethal spore clouds. Lerks can usually be found residing in ventilation ducts, especially ones located near human quarry. While annoying on their own lerks can be quite dangerous when teamed up with their more powerful brethren, such as the fade or the onos.
"Gimme some nades comm, that damn lerk is back."
by Bigwig January 05, 2004
1. The MC of the infamous rap coalition "MoP" (Masters of punnani), he has badass long hair, and always a beer in hand .
2. other word for a fucktard
1. Man, yesterday I fuxxed this biatch in the ass while listenign to MoP's latest masterpeice.

3. Get the fuck away u m3ding slut !!
by BiGWiG May 14, 2003

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