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2 definitions by Bham44

Someone who is unlucky and unlucky to be around
This person is the white lighter (T.M.)
2)Evading arrest
3)Running into a stop sign
4)Caught shoplifting beer
5)Got MIP while riding in a friends car (thats his second)
6)Domestic Violence

Ironically he maintains 3.8GPA and isn't a bad kid and still gets girls
by Bham44 January 06, 2010
Asian male dressed up as a female that picks up drunkin guys walking home from the bar late at night in his black lexus, and gives them oral sex...Located in Bellingham Washington
8===D (0) Watch out or Brojob, might ask you if you need a ride! Sorry for the people that had to find out the hard way (P*l*n)
by Bham44 January 06, 2010