2 definitions by Bgd Mice

The Best Tennis Player To Have Emerged From The Glorious Country That Is Serbia. Currently Ranked 3rd in The World, He Will Soon Overpower Nadal, And then Djokovic will destroy Federer's legacy and will take Federer into retirement the way MacEnroe took Borg into retirement.
Some Dude: Federer And Nadal Are The Best!
Some Other Dude: You DoucheFuck, They Both Gonna Get Pwned By The Serbian Legend That Is Novak Djokovic!!!!
by Bgd Mice December 02, 2007
When Douchebag Isnt Enough To Explain Someones Retardidness
Some Dude: Guys, I Gotta Tell You A Secret. . . I Like It When Girls Hit Me
Everyone Else: You DoucheFuck
by Bgd Mice December 02, 2007

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