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When someone wipes their ass with toilet paper, but because there is still shit left behind, they use a moist wipe to clean the rest up. The term was widely popularized by a teenage girl in a Cottonelle commercial, but it can be used for any toilet paper/moist wipe combination.
"Man, I just took a shit so sloppy that I had to do the freshy fresh."
"Beulah always has skid marks in her panties. Someone needs to teach that girl about the freshy fresh."
by BfloDrumDude June 21, 2012
Derogatory term referring to mall security staff, and on a larger scale, any security guard that doesn't have the authority to issue arrests or carry firearms (see rent-a-cop).
"Hey Paul Blart! I just pissed in the wishing well! What are you gonna do about it?"
"There's a couple Paul Blarts in the food court telling those kids to calm down, but the kids are telling them to fuck off."
by BfloDrumDude June 20, 2012

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