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A word meaning open minded. Ironic then how the majority of Americans hate liberals and liberalism and yet claim to be a tolerant and free society. Surely some mistake...
He wants free health care, an end to the death penalty and to use diplomacy before war.

Is he european?

No hes a fucking liberal lets all hate him!

Erm no.
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 21, 2004
The new underclass. Equivalent of trailer trash in the UK except due to our 'superior' welfare system they live in free houses and not trailers. Hmmmm.

Saw some dick was trying to delete definitions of Pikeys due to 'people making words up'. Pikey IS a real word. Not every word comes from America you know. Take a 'vacation' bitch and discover the world.
Some cunts are just too stupid. Probably a pikey himself.
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 22, 2004
A type of donkey or mule. Not to be confused with 'arse' which means someones rear end. Blame American ignorance for this misconception.
Fondle it like a favoured ass George.
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 21, 2004
A bunch of whackos who think its a good idea to allow automatic weapons in peoples homes. Americans then wonder why they have the highest gun crime and murder rate in the civilised world. How stupid can some cunts be?
If its around for marksmanship surely you should only allow bolt action rifles. Whats the skill in using hanguns (unaccurate over long distances) or automatic rifles (spraying bullets isnt what marksmanship is about).
by Bez lad, give it a tug, mmmm December 27, 2004

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