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Someone who will fuck anything, anywhere, anytime.
While advising mates in the pub etc...
"Stay away from Sue she's a complete fuck pig."
by Bex May 05, 2004
Billie Joe Armstrong is the sexiest man alive! He' an amazing guitarist, song writer and singer. I've seen him in the flesh an even seen his ass!He's such a funny guy and he's a great family man with a wife and 2 sons. He's a great front man of GreenDay.You may think they havent been round long but they've been going since 1988! And for those who think he is a "sissy" for wearing eyeliner,he's more of a man than you'll ever be!He's the sexiest guy alive and you need to learn not to judge a book by its cover!
Oh, and by the way I'm evening going to name my son after him!
by Bex February 12, 2005
Hunny is a pet name to call someone who you are close 2. e.g girlfriends, best mates, boyfriends. Hun for short. I think the term may have come from the word honey. Changed the hunny i dont know why but it means sweetie basically so honey is sweet so hun hehe thats confusing!
No example really just like

Man: Heya Dear
Woman: Hello Hun.

BORING! hehe
by Bex July 11, 2004
A person who skateboards (well who'd a thunk it??) There are 2 types of boarders
1) People who can actually do shit, and do it for the sake of skating, for the pure joy. They don't just give up if they injure themselves once.
2) People who only skate cause they think it's cool and actually can't skate but promote themselves as skaters just because they bought a board. Also, the only other skateboarder they know is Tony Hawk. Commonly think that decks are in your backyard, where you put your lawn furniture on.
1) *enter name* is a skate boarder.
2) real: nice deck, dude.
fake: um...thanks? My mom just had it repainted.
real: huh? no...deck...you know...part of your board...you helflip on it and do McTwists...
fake: hey..aren't McTwists some sort food at McDonalds...
real: OK then...*coughcouchsneeze*loser...
by Bex December 03, 2003
people that rock, no doubt about it. they put up with 'townie' idiots shouting abuse such as 'uh u dirrty fuckin grebo, u watch' and then running off and never doin anything about it. they listen to decent music, like rock, metal, punk, etc. no pop crap. they usualy wear darker clothing, and dont follow any stupid trends, like townies do, and dont try hard to fit in, most grebos will accept anyone aslong as there not a complete prick. yeah, grebos rock
yeah, i am one. u probably guessed
by Bex September 17, 2004
a fictional land in books by J.R.R. Tolkien
Man, those hobbits are just the hottest thing to hit Middle Earth since the Dwarves!
by Bex October 11, 2003
someone who hasn't got on (french kissed) anyone yet.
leigha is stil a fridge would u beleive it.
by bex March 23, 2005

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