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3 definitions by Bevelee

A term meaning homosexual,Gay,rectum ranger,craftly butcher,etc that alot of old people use.
''bleeding honky tonks licking each others rectums''
by Bevelee June 03, 2005
A drug dealers word for..
''yo man can ya get me some gwan?''
''Safe yo!,meet ya behind the bike shed after school''
by Bevelee June 03, 2005
Basically the bands that really piss me off..

THERE APPEARANCE:they look like complete idiots they all wear tight clothes and look like little clones i dont know whats with the scarfs either.its all highly feminine and makes them look really really homsexual.

THEY THINK:there ultra cool and evreyone fancys them and there the next best thing.ie ARROGANT

THE GIRLS:are up there arse i must be the only one i know who isnt.

EVOLVED:they evolved from emo the cool rend before emo sucked but scene kids are the worst.

HOBBIES:pretending to love art,reading books,pretending there hard done to,and if there no good at music they will do art as a subject.

STYLE OF MUSIC: usually envolves screeching(run over cat type liek a girl) not roaring system of a down,slipknot type.not that im a fan.

sorry about the bad spelling.
i think ive said enough.
by Bevelee June 03, 2005