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What blacks call members of a church.
We aint aleavin from up in here till we raise some mo funts for the Congregation Members Wednesday Night Fried Chicken And Catfish Supper In The Sanctuary! And I know thess right!

So ever body in the congregation brang out some mo money and thow it in the pot!
by Betty Joe May 30, 2007
What Midwesterners do every Friday and Saturday night. It entails driving around the courthouse square about 800 times in the pickup truck, drinking beer and leaning out the window "hoopin and hollerin".
After we git off work, we goin to Wal Mart! We gone stock up on Pabst Blue Ribbon. Bubba's gone git some bait and some buck shot for tomarra mornin and Eunice is gone git her fatass toenails and hair done up real nice. Then they gone meet at the food stand and share some curly cheese fries and go back to the trailer. Then they gone git dressed and git in the pickup and go off a honky tonkin!
by Betty Joe May 30, 2007
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