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A disposition to respond in a dork-like way to a given person or situation.
My god, get off me with that incessant dorkitude, will you?


I swear, she was totally up to her ass in dorkitude this morning.

by Betty Bettyo April 22, 2008
MMMOL is when something is sooo good that you actually "mmmmmmmmm" it out loud. Any number of "mmmmmmmm's" may be used according to the intensity of the emotion.
Oh. My. Goodness. He is sooo hot! MMMMMOL!


Damn. Those are some great textures there, mister. MMMOL!
by Betty Bettyo April 24, 2008
Beyond laughter and LOL. Almost to the crying-peeing one's pants stage. Perhaps even there already. Any number of "zz'z" may be used dependent on level of arousal.
OMG, girl! Snortzzzzzzzzzzz! You are sooo much fun!


He said what? OMG! Snortzzzzzzzzzzzz!
by Betty Bettyo April 22, 2008
Breasts. Another word for "boobs" or tits when one doesn't want to be crass.
My god, she had the biggest bewps I've evah seen in my lifes!


I think Betty needs a bewp job. Don't you?
by Betty Bettyo May 04, 2008
Typically an attitude or demeanor associated with those who need more attention than normal people.
Dear lawdies, that girl has a major case of pain-in-the-assitude!

Little Johnny came to school to today spreading his pain-in-the assitude all over the playground.
by Betty Bettyo November 10, 2009
Best Girl Friend girlfriend best girlfriend
We talk, we laugh, we cry, we sing, we shop... that's what you do with your BGF!
by Betty Bettyo April 21, 2008
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