39 definitions by Betty

That drunk fat guy sitting at the end of the stage trying to see if your thong has some how slipped over to one side while yelling at you to put it in his face for a dollar.
Daaaaaaaammmmmmmn baaabeee stick it in my face, I gotta dollar
by Betty January 06, 2004
Doing it on the couch=)
Ryan and jessica go couch racing.
by Betty March 05, 2005
Acting Chinese-y in terms of physical looks, demeanor, or values.
Can be derogatory but I like to see it as a positive aspect of our Chinese culture as we're the "model minority" after all. Eg. Great in math, hard-working, and super hot! :)
"You're sooooo chinky!" (When using coupons or turning off all the lights before you leave the room)
"Oh, that's soooo chinky." (When
by Betty July 25, 2004
when god brings you to something like it was meant to be
I dont know what to call it but i believe its faith
by Betty February 19, 2005

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