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39 definitions by Betty

Look to Edder, or Dummy.
Read ABOVE, you dropped your pocket DUMMY!
by Betty January 05, 2004
Any time before 8 am
I had to get up at stupid o'clock
by Betty February 13, 2004
a slang or jargon word wid absoulotly no meaning it just fun to say especialy by the girls Libby and Collette
"Let me here u say Wayo!"
by Betty February 19, 2005
best band ever! acid trip band from the 70s. Headed by a total fox jim morrison who sadly died from drugs. who cares cause he died a sexy legend!
will u light my fire?
by betty November 19, 2004
Sexual intercourse
He needs a good threshing
by Betty February 11, 2004
Look to Bunny-Nose, if you are an Edder or if you are a Dummy.
DEA - Bunny Nose - Barnt
by Betty January 06, 2004
when two or more friends accompany one another in a night time gathering,or sleepover type get together, for more than one night in a row.
My friends and i had a ...... because they came to stay at my house in florida.
by betty February 19, 2005