39 definitions by Betty

Look to Edder, or Dummy.
Read ABOVE, you dropped your pocket DUMMY!
by Betty January 05, 2004
best band ever! acid trip band from the 70s. Headed by a total fox jim morrison who sadly died from drugs. who cares cause he died a sexy legend!
will u light my fire?
by betty November 19, 2004
Any time before 8 am
I had to get up at stupid o'clock
by Betty February 13, 2004
Sexual intercourse
He needs a good threshing
by Betty February 11, 2004
Look to Bunny-Nose, if you are an Edder or if you are a Dummy.
DEA - Bunny Nose - Barnt
by Betty January 06, 2004
a slang or jargon word wid absoulotly no meaning it just fun to say especialy by the girls Libby and Collette
"Let me here u say Wayo!"
by Betty February 19, 2005
when two or more friends accompany one another in a night time gathering,or sleepover type get together, for more than one night in a row.
My friends and i had a ...... because they came to stay at my house in florida.
by betty February 19, 2005

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