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A woman's love juice created during the state of arousal
She got so excited she squirted her lady batter for metres.
by Betty February 18, 2005
A horrible waste of money, better spent on buying a house, car, or investing.
Even though, the poor soul lived in a crappy-assed area, he continued to buy collectibles instead of considering his future.
by Betty December 13, 2002
1. the act of smoking freebased cocaine (crack) while climaxing from engaging in oral sex.
2. the act of blowing the vaporized fumes of inhaled crack cocaine into or onto the genetailia of ones partner(s).
1. I gave Eddie a master blast after he cooked up an eight ball and then we fucked like pigs.
2. Eddie and I were doing a master blast when he inadvertantly came in my mouth and i swallowed it.
by betty April 04, 2004
the ability to participate in any ammount of foreplay in regards to making out and/or getting-off. obstaining from actual insertion of the penis into the vagina.
"daddy always told me son with women ya just cant win...so it's better to touch the skin but son dont stick it in"
by betty February 06, 2004
Oi! How Are You Bitch
by Betty August 24, 2003
origin:Early Evans meaning a jerk or better put an idiot
Stop talking crap to me cocklove
by betty June 29, 2004
same as ambulance but made popular by peter key
do u need thambulance?
by betty February 16, 2004
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