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2 definitions by Better then you

A prep school that consists of nerds that tried to get into Malvern but failed due to their inability to do anything but study. Their lack of any sports team to win at anything since their creation has led their best extracurricular to become mock trial. They typically wear glasses, have not seen the sun since their mothers walked them to the car from the hospital, and the most contact they have ever had with a girl was breastfeeding. Their generally angry at the superior prep schools, primarily Malvern, because Devon is inferior in every way except you do not want to mess with a Devon kid in Dungeons and Dragons. They are typically less attractive, rich, smooth with the ladies, and just generally less then every other prep student in the state of PA. This causes them to be quite sardonic in their view on life just because they couldn’t have grown past 5’2” and their greatest physical feat was the time they touched the net in basketball.
I wish i wasnt such a nerd because I go to Devon
by Better then you March 02, 2005
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actress, starred in gorefest movies like Pretty Woman.
She's gorey
by Better Then you November 09, 2003
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