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To receive an unwanted project or assignment at ones' place of employment. The member of staff leaves his/her desk for only a few minutes and returns to find a new project folder, usually brown, sitting on his/her chair. He/she was Marilyn’d.
Person 1: "Look at your chair, dude! The project admin struck again! You have two brown beasts sitting on your chair!"

Person 2: "Waa-waa, I was Marilyn'd!"
by Betsy D December 17, 2007
Every pound a girl weighs over 100 pounds is considered a sexy point.

For example, if a girl weighs 145 pounds, then she has 45 sexy points.
Guy 1: Have you seen Brenda lately? You'd be surprised!
Guy 2: Oh, yeah, she works at Burger King now.
Guy 1: Though, bro, she must've gained like 40 sexy points last summer - she had negative booty before but look at her now!

by Betsy D June 16, 2008
Someone, male or female, who uses time at work to write e-mails, be on IM, and/or check Facebook, MySpace, etc., thereby getting paid to engage in such non-work-related online activity.
Guy 1: "B only sends emails and IMs me between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. What's up with that?"

Guy 2: "Maybe she just prefers to get paid to do those things...sounds like she's an e-hooker."
by Betsy D March 24, 2008

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