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Plastics are female chavs that don't go around wearing the ever classic tracksuits and bling, but go about with skinny, revealing tops, tight bootleg jeans, high leather boots (as seen in a porn movies), burbury bags, scarves and perfume (or new one, gucci perfumes and clothing) and lots of bling. They love to wear gold anything, such as headbands and belts and usualy hang around with a big group of other chavs and plastics. They wear they're hair up sooooo tight in a high ponytail, it pulls they're face back so it looks like they've got botoax, or they have they're hair in a weird side ponytail (that i stopped doing when i was five) or a weirdly shaped bun on the side of they're heads. They act dead hard and are sometimes called 'gangstas' by other chavs, as they seem to be the ringleaders of the group.
"YO THAT WICKED PLASTIC IS HOT MAN, SHE'S BLINGIN, SHE'S A REAL GANGSTA!!!!" *Pushes her way to the front of the ticket queue because she thinks the owns the place, spits on the floor, cries over her lost packet of fags, calls daddy to buy her a new burbury bag and moves on*
by Bethany the chav-hater December 24, 2005

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