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Sam-e is the type of girl any man would love to come accross, literally and figuratively. She is a beautiful girl, typically, with exotic eyes and a great smile. Sam-e is usually a name given to a girl who is sexually promiscuous, and has experience in the sack. Typically found in the local bars, blacked out, about to get some ass, or both.

Be cautious when approaching Sam-e as you never know what kind of mood she will be in; sometmes she is very friendly, other times, she will rip you a new asshole, and then make you buy her a shot.
Jermaine: Hey did you see Sam-e at the bar last night?

NiNi: Yea she was stumbling into a cab. Luckily she was bringing home a rando...hopefully he had a rubber!
by Beth87 January 15, 2011

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