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Scene guys/girls ARE NOT STRAIGHT EDGE! They often get confused with emo's, the insanely depressed ultra straight edge vegetarians.
Scene kids usually wear all or mostly black clothes, they will wear a tight t-shirt of some kind, either with a band on it or some kind of funky design, the t-shirts tend not to go below the waist.
They will wear many kinds of belts. Guys seen mostly wearing two belts, one under the other, the first belt usually always has a large buckle.
They will wear either converse or some form of skate shoe usually vans, sometimes seen wearing the old school Nike air force ones, with the tounge sticking out over the jeans. Slip-ons with a cool design on are sometimes popular with certain scene kids. alot of scene girls wear dolly shoes.
They always have very crazy hair, guys usually with a side parting, fringe covering one eye and the back will be spiked outwards. usually with highlights in the fringe and/or back.
They listen to all kinds of music, from harcore to screamo to pure metal!
Metal music is very popular with scene kids. Bands like Trivium, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X), and many others similar to these bands.
Their personailty is the main thing. They are nothing like Emo's. Emo kids, are vegetarians, very depressed, self-harming, straight-edge, no sex blah blah. They listen to depressing crap like dashboard confessional. Scene kids are the complete opposite. They get drunk, they get fucked on drugs sometimes, they smoke, they get laid. They do crazy shit! They are fun to be around. They are generally very nice welcoming and once you get to know them they will be the best kind of people you could ever know.
This basically wraps up the REAL defenition of scene kids. Hope this has helped with any confusion u may have had?
If i've missed anything out i will post another one!
I can't submit this without and example but i can't think of one!
And i have to use the word Scene Kid!
Oh well this'll do!
by Bet you'd love to know? March 10, 2007

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