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1. n. adj. A ship of Professor Severus Snape and Remus Lupin, commonly used by Harry Potter fanfiction authors. It earns its name due to the fact that Snape is a potions master and Lupin is a werewolf.

2. n. The website that wields its name, which is a compilation of Snape/Lupin slash fanfiction pieces.
"Master and the Wolf totally beats any heterosexual relationship in which Snape is invovled. Ew, greasy."
by BestSkeptic January 01, 2006
A particularly muscular, generally large nose that has the semblance of a poodle or is positioned on the face of a person who resembles a poodle.
Sally: I wonder if that boy's muscular poodle gets in the way when he snogs girls.

Henrietta: I wonder if that boy snogs girls at all, on account of him having a muscular poodle in the first place.
by BestSkeptic January 01, 2006
1. n. Like "homie," only, ten billion times nerdier. Almost as nerdy as a humanities student calling another his or her "homie," not that s/he would ever do that, because they have refined it to be "humie." Thusly, I give you the glories that are.... HUMIES.
"What are you doing Saturday night, nerd? Studying the counter-reformation on wikipedia?"

"Ew, no. That's Friday. Saturday night, I'm rollin' with my humies."
by BestSkeptic January 01, 2006
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