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A small town in the Netherlands, near the major city of Eindhoven. Despite the world's ignorant belief, the Netherlands consists of more than just Amsterdam. It is about an hour away from Amsterdam, but it is easy to take a drive up there. Everything is close by, so bike riding is very popular among people of all ages. In fact, more people use bikes than cars. There are residents from all over the world, since there is an international school relatively close. The houses are generally small, since population is dense, but residents of best are caring and know how to have a good time
Girl one: I used to live in Best

Girl two(ignorant american): Is that near Amsterdam?

Girl one: No you moron, not everything is by Amsterdam. That's like asking if you live near D.C. even though you live in Nevada. smh
by Best's Favorite Girl September 13, 2011

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