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3 definitions by Berym

1. Where someone is so banal a user of Twitter that you can predict what their Twitter feed would feature without bothering to look or, indeed, follow them.

2. The enlightened position of being too apathetic about something to tweet about it. Often a condition linked with Tweetanthropy.
1. When it comes to Jim, I'm have Tweetpathy - it's going to be another post about his baby.

2. The whole election has me suffering Tweetpathy. Can't be bothered.
by Berym November 01, 2010
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The condition where a person honestly and simply doesn't care who does or does not follow them on Twitter.
I'm a Tweetanthropist (nb: One who has tweetanthropy) - go ahead and unfollow me, I don't care
by Berym November 01, 2010
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A circle of chairs
"Set up the chairs, please"
"In a chircle"
by Berym August 18, 2009
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