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the way a Jewish person of the second wave of immigration described a candy story. It is an accent. But it described a store which had a soda fountain (specializing in a chocolate soda called an 'egg cream' which had neither eggs nor cream) and the store sold the latest newspapers, magazines, a wide variety of cheap candies and cigars and cigarettes. The owners were often toughened, wizened and fubsy little people with a strong ethnic accent.
There was a song about the candy stores of that era: (in a thick Yiddish accent)
Vuntz I had a kendy store
Bizniss vas so bad,
I asked mein vife vat to do
And dis is vat she said:
Take yourself some kerosene
Pour it on de floor
Take a match
Give a Scratch
No more kendy store, HEY!
by Beryl Ruby Sapphire Kaminska March 05, 2008
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