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A too often overlooked member of your wife's family, who takes the place of the dreaded mother in law if that one is dead or if, by a weird twist of fate, she's not hating you. Rarely poses a threat to the daughter in law cuz the son-in-law is usually his favourite target.

Has to be approached with extreme caution if you're the lucky man proposing to his beloved-and-only daughter. Might welcome you with a bazooka if you're not matching his expectations to the letter. Will constantly try to tow your wife away from you, saying you don't deserve her or that your just another cheating perv. Oh and don't lie in his presence or you'll soon discover that bastard knows EVERYTHING about your past! (yes everything)
Randall almost punched his father in law in the face after that bastard tried to convince Tanya that her husband was attending a swingers' club.
by Beryl December 15, 2005
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