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A shorter but particularly thick penis.
Guy #1: "I heard Glenn has a total beer can."
Guy #2: "Yeah, when I blew him I really had to stretch my mouth."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007
Small-ish city in the northwest corner of Orange County, California. Also known as "Guadalahabra" for its significant Latino population.

Latina: "I'm from Orange County too."
Dude from Huntington Beach: "Geez, with so many Mexicans, I thought La Habra was in LA County."

OC Girl #1: "I grew up in Brea."
OC Girl #2: "Well, Brea has one thing going for it. It's not La Habra."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007
1) Retail establishment, AKA Sprawl-Mart, that represents the worst of American capitalist society and values: Mindless consumerism, quanitity over quality, the shrinking middle class, dead-end service-sector employment, anti-unionism, trade deficits, blind patriotism, racism, illiteracy, obesity, and tilt-up suburban sprawl.

2) A major donor to George W. Bush and the Republican Party, whose policies in turn create more Wal-Mart customers by offshoring good-paying union jobs.

3) Its very presence in a city identifies that city as an epicenter of lowlife inbreds or as adjacent to one.

4) Place where people of the middle class go to buy toilet paper and cat litter.
"Today I went to Wal-Mart to buy White Rain shampoo, diapers, Hamburger Helper and Marlboro Reds. Then I watched Fox News and voted for Dubya"

"Last month I was let go from our town's family-owned hardware store. Yesterday I learned they are going out of business on account of the new Wal-Mart."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007

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