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Where a wireless head set is applied using a piece of shoe lace or a piece of leather. Usually tied around the crown of the head and rigged to fit ear comfortably.
Check out this mothafucka, he is sporting that brown tooth technology.
by Bert-Oh April 15, 2007
A person who always free loads off of other people's shit, in most cases beer or weed.
In most cases heard: here comes Jeremy! Yeah stash the beer that dude is a "gator bunny"
by Bert-Oh April 15, 2007
When a waiter who has a dandruff problem (face or hair), stands over a customers plate and sprinkles flakes onto their main course.
That customer is being a dick!!! Kasey Christmas in July on this moterfucker! Bone apatite!!
by Bert-Oh April 15, 2007
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