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Deusche Powder, Pampering The Vaginal Areas When Bleedable.
Summers Eve, Aka I can smell the deusche powder.
by Bert Backaracalack October 25, 2004
(See Pussy Tassle Tits) A Kid Named Brian Has Them And Lubricates The Chain In A Special Ky Dip Causing A Reaction From The Chain To Spark The Tits On Fire Eroding Away The Hair On His Nutsack And Inflaming And Engulfing A Testicle In The 3rd Degree Burn Stage.
Me And Doc Found Some Unsavior Drawings Of Pussy Tassle Tits 2 On The School Desk Yesterday, Did You Have Something to Do With It Joe?
by Bert Backaracalack October 27, 2004
When A Male Sticks His Wad Between Two Melon Sized Fuck Balls And Cums All Over The Bitches Chest With Splatter Everywhere And Red Titties.
John Titty Fuckaged The Shit Out Of Jane Yesterday, She Got Her Titties Played With.
by Bert Backaracalack October 29, 2004

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