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Badass person, piss him off and he'll rape u in 7 different ways, also known to be extremely hot irl, cant be satisfied easily.
Shaft didn't know what to do, so he called his pimp Boes, who told him to rape the mofo
by berre September 09, 2006
When a male is receiving oral sex, and the male tries to get a Chili Dog (when he comes, he pulls the girls* head so hard his cum comes out of her/his nose) a belgian waterslide is in fact a Chili Dog gone bad, at the same point the guy pulls , the other person throws up covering everything in puke, rather then sperm
When Shaft tried to give the hoe a Chili Dog, she choked and pulled a belgian waterslide on him, covering his nuts in vomit..
by Berre September 25, 2006

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